The Game Series by Eve Silver: Rush, Push, Crash

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I started to read novels by Eve Silver completely by chance. I’ve clicked on a link to her site somewhere on the Internet and saw the offer to get two of her books for free…

Two epub books were sent me, His Dark Kiss and Trinity Blue. They were good enough, and I decided to read something else.

The Game Series impressed me most.

Play Or Die

The series consists of three novels – Rush, Push and Crash. They are written for both teens and young adults.

Here is the trailer for the first book:

The trailer promises we will be able to enjoy with high-action scenes, and there’s no shortage of them in the book.

Sixteen-year-old Miki Jones, is pulled from her everyday life into an alternate reality. She has to play a kind of game – that’s a matter of life and death; not only the girl herself but also other people may die because of her little mistake.

Fortunately, Miki isn’t alone. The girl teams with other teenagers.

They face the alien creatures, the Drau. The team’s task is to eliminate them.

Everything would be much easier if the rules of the game were clear, but they are very strange.

I like strong female heroines.

Miki says about herself like this: ‘My features reflect the fact that my mom’s dad was Nisei—second-generation Japanese American— but my eyes are my dad’s mom’s unique shade of indigo blue. Every time people tell me I look ‘exotic,’ I have to resist the urge to kick them in the shin’.

This girl can stand up for yourself and for her friends, she constantly proves that.

Since Miki Jones is young enough, her character changes from one book to another. It’s interesting to watch how she’s working on herself and learning to solve her problems.

The problems, by the way, are getting more and more serious. The final battle in Rush turns out to be so hot that we start doubting whether she can cope with her mission.

However, the main fight is yet to come…

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