The Second Species Trilogy by Jane O’Reilly: Blue Shift, Deep Blue And Blue Planet

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I wouldn’t say science fiction novels are on-trend now: humanity is accustomed to impressive breakthroughs in technology; the way SpaceX’s toilet works entertains mere mortals much more than the way SpaceX’ flies.

However, this old good genre keeps alive.

Today I want to tell you about relatively new sci-fi books – The Second Species Trilogy by Jane O’Reilly.

The Author of The Books

O’Reilly started writing as an adult – her youngest child was eleven months old by that time.

Before the young woman decided to try her hands in SF literature, she had been writing contemporary and erotic romances.

Here are a few names of her books – Dirty Talk, Guilty Pleasure, Indecent Proposal. They have good ratings on Amazon, 4 or 5 stars.

The Second Species Trilogy: Pros And Cons

The action of the first book, Blue Shift, takes place in 2187. Earth is cold and almost dead.

The whole planet is going to completely freeze; people are looking for a place to settle.

Jinnifer Blue is a pilot. Jin’s body has been modified so that she could connect to her ship.

The girl’s mother works for the government which refuses to take responsibility for all people on Earth and helps only the rich.  She tends to behave like a tyrant and Jinnifer doesn’t get along with her…

As you see, the background conflict is complicated enough: social problems intertwine with personal ones. There will be many other interesting conflicts throughout the course of the following novels, Deep Blue And Blue Planet, as well. 

The trilogy is heavy on romance. The relationships between Jin and a space pirate, Dax, seem to be believable: the author has experience of writing about feelings.

However, some scenes of sex in these books are strange – for example, having sex with a pleasure droid. Another thing I didn’t like is that the author repeatedly uses the motif of rape to attract her readers’ attention.

Despite the certain little imperfections, the series is definitely worth reading.

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