Wednesday, August 6, 2014

WoW: The Lyga Edition

Waiting on Wednesday is a weekly event hosted by Jill at Breaking the Spine. It spotlights upcomign releases that we're eagerly anticipating

This week I'm dying to read....

Blood of My Blood by Barry Lyga

Title: Blood of My Blood
Series: Jasper Dent, #3
Release date: September 9th 2014
Publisher: Little Brown
Format: Hardcover, 464 pgs
Pre-order: The Book Depository

Jazz Dent has been shot and left to die in New York City. His girlfriend Connie is in the clutches of Jazz's serial killer father, Billy. And his best friend Howie is bleeding to death on the floor of Jazz's own home in tiny Lobo's Nod. Somehow, these three must rise above the horrors their lives have become and find a way to come together in pursuit of Billy. But then Jazz crosses a line he's never crossed before, and soon the entire country is wondering: "Like father, like son?" Who is the true monster?
The chase is on, and beyond Billy there lurks something much, much worse. Prepare to meet...the Crow King.

Why am I sitting here biting my nails? The last book ended with not one, not two, but three cliffhangers. I mean, really? I need to know who's alive and who's not, and I need to know it now! Luckily, September is right around the corner.

Oh, and I highly recommend this series on audio. The narrator is brilliant.
What are you guys  excited about? Leave me a link and I'll drop by.


  1. I'm trying to get Game on audio but I might wind up just reading the print copy since I've been waiting for a year, now, to pick it up. I didn't want to read it after I Hunt Killers since the prospect of three cliffhangers had me decidedly upset but with this final novel just around the corner, I can't wait anymore. Definitely looking forward to this and I hope it's worth both the wait and the agony caused by the cliffhangers!

  2. Love the cover! Seeing this around as well! Hope you enjoy it too!

    Here's my WoW

    Have a GREAT day!

    Old Follower :)

  3. This seems like a really dark, gothic series. I love that concept so I might check out the first book. Thanks for sharing :)

    Happy Hump Day!

    Shane @ Itching for Books

  4. Ooh, I still haven't read from this author before. :( THREE cliffhangers? In that case, I need to wait for this series to be complete before I give it a go. Awesome pick, Maja!

  5. I haven't heard of this series but you have me curious! 3 x cliffhangers would drive me crazy!

    Happy reading, Sharon - Obsession with Books

  6. Three cliffhangers?!!!!! I have enough stress with just one, I think three might kill me. Good thing I haven't started this series yet and can wait until all the books are out before doing so. I'm not emotionally equipped to deal with three cliffhangers in a single book ;-) Can't wait to see what you think of this Maja!

  7. I haven't read anything by Lyga yet despite all the rave reviews. I definitely need to change that. Three cliffhangers! That makes me very nervous!

  8. Three cliffhangers?!! How cruel - lol. At least September is not too far off to pick up the series again. I can't wait to read what you and how they wrap up those cliffies :)

  9. I haven't read anything by Lyga yet but sounds good and I hope you get to read it soon. Happy hump day!

  10. I need to read the first on, can't believe I haven't yet, haha. Definitely my type of read!

    Here's mine

    Kirsty @ StudioReads

  11. 3 CLIFFHANGERS?!?! What in the name!?! That must be an awful record!
    I do hope you get to read the book as soon as possible, Maja!!

  12. Woah three cliffhangers? I don't think U'd be able to wait a year long for the next book, but I'm glad that you don't have to wait too long now. I hope this next book lives up to your expectations. Brilliant pick Maja!

  13. This one is quite intriguing, I love the cover!

  14. Glad to know this is an awesome audio! I held out from reading Game after reading your review last time and hearing about all the cliffhangers but now that Blood of My Blood is coming out soon I think I need to get on it!

    Bonnie @ For the Love of Words

  15. This whole series does look really good. I think I saw these on Netgalley.

  16. I loved book one and so need to read book two and I totally want Blood of My Blood!

  17. I am just getting around to starting this series, but I am glad I waited so I can binge on them!

  18. 3 cliffies? I would have to kill someone... or at least curse at them a bit. :) Hope you get this one and I am so waiting until they are all out. :)

  19. Looks like I have some catching up to do on the Jasper Dent series before September! Thanks for sharing, and happy hump day!

  20. I have the first book on my shelf and have been told I HAVE to read it but, with three cliffies in the second book, I think I'll wait for this one to come out. Definitely deserves some nail-biting, though!

  21. Haha, I only read the first one so far, but Lyga does have this way of sucking you in and even though you're practically screaming, or super creeped out, you just keep going! lol I can't wait to read the rest of this series...

    My WoW.

  22. I STILL need to read these, but with the third coming out so soon, I have very good motivation to finally get on it!!

  23. 3 cliffhangers?! Yikes! I haven't read this series yet...

  24. I have the first book and when I heard about the cliffhanger ending of the second book I decided to hold off on reading it. I'm definitely excited for this one to come out so I can get started on the series :)

    Eileen @ BookCatPin :)

  25. I own the first two in this series but I haven't read them yet! I really need to. They sound fantastic!

  26. I think I better check out the first two ^_^

    My WoW

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