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Review: Shifting Shadows

Shifting Shadows: Stories from the World of Mercy ThompsonAuthor: Patricia Briggs
Series: Mercy Thompson
Published: September 2nd 2014
Publisher: Ace Hardcover
Lenght: 464 pages
Source: Publisher for review
Buy: Amazon

Mercy Thompson’s world just got a whole lot bigger…
A collection of all-new and previously published short stories featuring Mercy Thompson, “one of the best heroines in the urban fantasy genre today” (Fiction Vixen Book Reviews), and the characters she calls friends…
Includes the new stories…
“Roses in Winter”
…and reader favorites
“Fairy Gifts”
“Alpha and Omega”
“Seeing Eye”
“The Star of David”
“In Red, with Pearls”

Shifting Shadows is a collection of short stories and novellas from the world of Mercy Thompson. Most of these stories (like Alpha & Omega, the Charles & Anna prequel) were previously published, but the four new ones (Silver, Roses in Winter, Redemption and Hollow) are motivation enough for running to your nearest bookstore on Semptember 2nd.

But even without those four new adventures, owning all these stories about Mercy and her friends in one gorgeous hardcover edition is certainly worth its price. Patty Briggs and her publisher  know what they’re doing, and after eight full-length novels, the timing for this collection was absolutely perfect.

The stories are sorted chronologically, starting with Silver, Samuel and Ariana’s story that takes place many centuries before Mercy’s original timeline and ending with Hollow, a story from Mercy’s perspective that happens after the ending of Night Broken. Each story is prefaced by a brief author’s note that explains Patty's reasons for writing it and its place on the overall timeline. Patty also shared her feelings about certain characters and situations, which was an added bonus.

Some of my favorite characters from this world were finally given a chance to shine like the stars they are. Aside from Mercy’s story, which I obviously adored, my favorite was Warren and Kyle’s zombie adventure, and Asil’s story, which gives us great insight into his enchanting personality. I was always fascinated by the Moor, and while I suspected that he might have a softer side, seeing it firsthand was practically priceless.

To make the long story short, Shifting Shadows is an absolute must-have for Mercy’s fans, and at least some of these stories can be a perfect introduction for those unfamiliar with this world. For stories that are slightly spoiler-ish, Patty gives a fair warning in advance so there’s really no risk of reading something you shouldn’t. I’d highly recommend Alpha & Omega and perhaps even Roses in Winter for the newbies. Those two stories should tell you all you need to know about Mercy’s world and Patty’s writing.

A copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher for review purposes. No considerations, monetary or otherwise, have influenced the opinions expressed in this review.


  1. I've heard such great things about this series!
    Jen @ YA Romantics

  2. I am glad to see you enjoyed this one, Maja!! :D I still need to catch up on the last instalment of Mercy Thompson and once I do that.. I may just give this collection a shot. I am not the biggest fan of the series but some of those stories have me curious (okay the one with Warren and Kyle...)!

    Lovely review, Maja!! :)

    Rashika @ The Social Potato

  3. I haven't read any Mercy stories, and a collection of them sounds like the perfect introduction to her world, so I think I'll be getting this one!
    Thanks for sharing and reviewing this Maja!

  4. I love the series and I confess that I'm really curious about this one. It must be sooo good and I'm in love with the cover!

  5. I love this series but I never read any short stories so of course I will buy this book. I am especially interested in a Sam and Ariana s story as well an adventure with Warren and Kyle. I love this world so it will be a great read I m sure. Great review ..

  6. YAY!!!! I have this on my shelf to start next week Maja, I can't wait! I've already read Alpha and Omega (LOVED!), but I haven't read any of the others that were previously published and I'm crazy excited to dive in and read about some of my favorite secondary characters. I just love this world so much:)

  7. Agreed. All of the stories were new to me as I tend to avoid novellas, but a collection of them..yep had to have it. I loved her back story to each and how they were placed in order.

  8. I kind of like these collections of stories about favourite characters.

  9. Yay! I need to get caught up on this series! So glad you loved this!

  10. I. LOVED this. More specifically, yes, seeing a different side of Asil was priceless. I would recommend this collection for that one story alone, but the other stories were great as well. Glad you liked it too!

  11. Okay girl. Once I tackle Kate Daniels, Patty Briggs is going to have a meeting with me :) I really like the idea of this collection and these stories sound really interesting. I like Asil's name too :) Great review, Maja :)

  12. I've only read the first book in the series (& Alpha & Omega) but I have had the whole thing sitting on my shelf for years!

    I love extra bonus material like this.

    Karen @ For What It's Worth

  13. I LURVE this series and can't wait to read the four new stories (because I've already read everything else set in this world)!

  14. I've read the Alpha and Omega series but not the Mercy series. So I have some catching up to do. I'm glad you really enjoyed this though!

  15. Awesome!! Now I can't wait to get my greedy little ears on the audiobook.
    Great job!

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