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Review: Scala (Angelbound, #2)

Scala (Angelbound, #2)Author: Christina Bauer
Series: Angelbound, #2
Published: May 13th 2014
Publisher: Ink Monster, LLC
Format: ebook, 160 pgs
Source: Publisher for review
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Nineteen-year-old Myla Lewis has transformed into Great Scala, the only being with the power to move souls out of Purgatory and into Heaven or Hell. Trouble is, a magical object called Lucifer’s Orb is limiting Myla’s abilities. If she tries to move a soul, the Orb’s forcing her to send that spirit straight to Hell.
So, what’s a girl to do? Send innocents to the fiery down-under?
No way. Myla’s gone on a supernatural strike. No souls go anywhere until the Orb’s history. It’s the right thing to do, but Purgatory’s Soul Storage buildings are turning into time bombs. No spirits are moving out, while millions keep coming in. Myla’s determined to find the Orb and send the innocent to Heaven, but she’s running out of time. Soon, the containment fields will burst, releasing a mob of homicidal ghosts.
With Soul Storage ready to explode, Myla’s got enough on her plate without her old enemy, Lady Adair, causing problems. Adair is launching an ingenious campaign to take away everything that Myla holds dear, including Myla’s Angelbound love, Prince Lincoln.
Between their clever ideas and toe-curling kisses, Myla and Lincoln are fighting back. But will they beat the clock or lose everything to Adair’s devious schemes?

Well, my good people, Christina Bauer did it again. Angelbound was such a huge surprise for me last year. I requested it on a whim and practically inhaled it in one sitting, only to end up anxiously biting my nails while waiting for the sequel. Not that Bauer left us with a cliffhanger or anything. She’s not one of those authors, you know.

And quite frankly, it isn’t only the lack of cliffhangers that make Bauer and her series stand out. Everything about Angelbound is different, from the heroine, the romance, and her hilarious sidekick. The worldbuilding, while fairly simple, is also very interesting. Bauer does an excellent job in creating a challenging world for Myla.

In Scala, that worldbuilding becomes far richer in details. Since Myla is responsible for all the souls in Purgatory, we need to learn how everything functions. And since Myla is being attacked politically, the relationships between realms are very important. However, while it may sound a bit complicated at first, rest assured that Christina Bauer delivers it all painlessly. Being in Myla’s world is very easy, and spending time in her company is always such a delight.

The very best part of these books is, of course, the romance. Unnecessary romantic drama isn’t something Bauer does and I admire her greatly for it. Instead, we have soul mates, true partners and friends. Myla and Lincoln understand each other and support each other through everything. Lincoln is not one of those book boyfriends that conveniently disappear when push comes to shove. He follows Myla everywhere and she does the same for him.

There were some parts of this sequel that seemed a bit rushed. So many things were happening at once and the pacing was so fast, we barely had time to absorb and think things through. But even through those frantic scenes, Myla’s fabulous sense of humor served as a great tension reliever. And let me tell you, our Myla has matured so much! She isn’t one of those heroines that gain powers only to whine about them. She doesn’t indulge in self-pity and being indecisive is completely foreign to her.

I will conclude with this: I adore this series. Even with a somewhat inferior second book, it’s definitely worth your time. I’ll be stalking Netgalley for arcs of Armageddon, that’s for sure.

A copy of this book was kindly provided by the publisher for review purposes. No consderations, monetary or otherwise, have influenced the opinions expressed in this review.


  1. I'm so relieved to hear that the lack of cliffhangers and romantic drama continues to hold up in this sequel, Maja. I avoid new series starters precisely because of them, so I'm definitely bumping this up my list. Plus, if this book has a solid dose of humor and a swoon-worthy romance, not to mention increased world-building, I am SO in. ;)

  2. I remember reading your review of the first book, Maja and I added it to my wish list. I still haven't gotten to it yet, but your review of this second book is definitely pushing me towards it.
    I'm happy to hear that this was a successful second installment. Everything about this book appeals to me from the strong heroine to the rich world-building. I also like how the author doesn't rely on tropes such as cliffhangers and unnecessary romantic drama.
    Lovely review, Maja.

  3. If you are still highly recommending this series even with the second book being less than the first, I know that is saying something.
    I need to check to see if I ever picked up the first one or not. I am thinking I did but I can't remember, and how sad is it that my TBR pile is so huge I can't even remember what is and isn't' in it? *sigh*

  4. Ahh.. Second books... so often a disappointment.. I haven't read the previous book even though I wanted to as it truly sounds like a great story. I think I should go back and read the first one and maybe wait until the next book is out so that I won't be stuck with the second book:))

  5. Ah yes I just read a book with rushed part and I was a little mixed by that. I read some great reviews about this series and I'm glad you had a good time with this one, I should try it! Thanks for the review!

  6. I don't think I've heard of this series but it's uniqueness definitely has me paying attention! I love the sound of the rich world building and the lack of a cliffhanger!

    Mands @ The Bookish Manicurist

  7. I've never heard of this series before your review, Maja, but I love how rich and vivid you make it sound. I will say that when an author rushes scenes, it tends to be the kiss of death for me, but to see that you're still invested in the series speaks volumes. Colour me intrigued! Lovely review!

  8. I haven't heard of this series! Second books can be extremely tricky. I do like when the romance works and isn't unnecessary.

  9. "Unnecessary romantic drama isn’t something Bauer does and I admire her greatly for it."

    YAY MAJA!!! Nothing makes me happier than an author who is able to write a fabulous romance without all the drama and angst that makes me want to tear my hair out. I definitely need to give this series a try with such rave reviews from you, even if this second book didn't quite meet the bar set by the first. It still sounds amazing:)

  10. I completely agree! I just felt that the book was a bit short and I just wanted more!
    I'm gonna be stalking NetGalley for Armaggedon for sure!
    Great review, Maja!

  11. I have a love-hate relationship with cliffhangers so it's always awesome when authors can end books without a cliffhanger ending. I remember how much you enjoyed the first book in this series, Maja, so I ended up buying it, but just haven't found the time to read it :( I guess I better move it up in my TBR pile.

  12. I just finished up a major cliffhanger, and it about killed me. So, it's so nice to come across a series like this that has so many of the elements I enjoy, yet continues the series without the cliffhanger drama. Plus, the setting and romance have me terribly curious too, Maja. Wonderful review :)

  13. I need to go back and look up the first book as I am not remembering it. I can handle a second book that has a few flaws especially if it is solid and doesn't have a cliffhanger. Second books are notorious for cliffies.

  14. I hate excessive romantic drama. Love that she doesn't indulge in it! GAH! You have me wanting her first book and now I need this one. BTW, you know you had me when you said no cliffies... ;)

  15. Now I remember book 1, I wanted to read that one

  16. I've not heard much about this series, but it sounds like fun. I'll definitely have to look up the first book. I'm glad you still enjoyed the sequel even though some things felt a bit rushed to you. Great review :)

    Janina @ Synchronized Reading

  17. Glad you enjoyed but sorry to hear that parts were a little slow

  18. The worldbuilding sounds awesome, which is something I always love. I'm generally iffy about angel & religious elements in my fiction reading, so I'd probably be tempted to not get into this read without first asking someone about it in more detail, lol.
    It's good that despite the rougher patches it was still a good read, yey!

  19. I had not heard of this series yet. I am excited to read it! Thanks for the great review, I had to go to Goodreads and read about the first one. It sounds like something I will really enjoy :)

  20. I don't know whether I'd read this series or not, but I do love the sound of the romance aspect of it.

  21. This series does sound very interesting! Thank you for your review. I haven't heard of Angelbound before, but I will definitely add it to my TBR list.


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