Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Night Sky

Night SkyNight Sky by Jolene B. Perry
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

3.5 stars

Night Sky in a nutshell? A sweet, coming-of-age story about love which manages to be decently deep because of some serious thematics... ummm, cliché much?
Well don't worry, it's actually better than it sounds.

The unthinkable has happened: Sara got a boyfriend. Jameson has liked her for three years, they're best friends but has never found the courage to tell her. And now it's too late. Until Sky shows up. She's older, stunning, honest and might be just what Jay needs to forget Sara.
But as things gets more and more complicated in Jameson's life, it turns out that Sky has some secrets of her own and that while she preaches honesty, maybe she's not giving it herself...

Night Sky will forever be impressed in my mind thanks to Jameson. In fact, the aspect I liked most about this, what made the story really stand out for me, is his character development. Not only was he completely believable - there came a point when I stopped reading, irritated, and complaining: can't he get his mind out if the gutter for like, half a chapter? But then I realized that duh, guys that age probably think about how to get laid 95% of their time - but I liked his process of maturation and how he realizes he is growing up while some other people... don't. He's an incredibly likable character and I liked how he manages to be a teen with a grain of salt in his head.

What - or rather, who - left me perplexed is Sky. I couldn't quite grasp her, she left me with the impression that there was something I was missing about her... I could not reconcile her "forward" behavior at the beginning of the book with what we learn of her later on in the story; it just didn't make sense. That's why I found her less believable, a tad too good to be true and what didn't let me rate this book higher.

Nevertheless, I am sure teens - and not only - will like Night Sky a lot. It manages to be a decently-written, light, entertaining, exciting read while also tackling a series of issues which might be interesting for kids that age (violence, family issues, betrayal) AND setting a good example.

I'd say give it a go!


  1. Glad you see you enjoyed this one! I read it the other night and couldn't put it down until I was finished. Great review!

  2. Thanks for the review! I've heard about this book and it sounds like my kind of read :)

  3. Nice review, Lisa. I'm glad to see you liked this! Jameson was definitely one of my favourite things about the book too - I loved this character and agree that he is so easy to like! :)

  4. Great review! I really liked this book, and I agree with you that I didn't really understand or relate to Sky's character!

  5. This sounds really different, Lisa. I read Sam's review and now yours, I think I will get a copy of this

  6. I loved Jameson - definitely my favourite part of the book!

    I chalked up Sky's behaviour to that of needing to be in control. Demanding honesty and exerting control over the pacing of their relationship makes sense when you consider how little control she has had in the past. I figured she just needed to escape for a little while, and being with Jameson gave her that escape; gave her the ability to act like herself.

  7. Sounds fascinating. Jameson would but me, but I agree that his gutter mind is probably very realistic. Too bad Sky didn't connect with you.

  8. I wish I had my own Jameson! <3 This best friend romance is looking better to me every time I hear more about it, and I especially love how he was such a realistic and growing character for you! He sounds AMAZING enough that, even if Sky didn't impress you as much, I think I'd still really enjoy this book. This is definitely on my list of contemps to read this year! ;)

    Awesome review, Lisa! I'm glad this book is much better than it sounds! :) <3

  9. I finished this yesterday and I totally get how you felt about Sky, I didn't really know how genuine she was, but Sarah was so much worse! You pretty much summed up exactly how I felt about this book, nice review :)

  10. I have this coming up in May. I amglad to see that everyone is liking it for the most part. Yes, I think that teenage boys do think about sex about 95% of the time. I am not a huge contemporary fan, but thankfully this seems promising. Have to say, I love the cover on this one.

  11. This looks like a pretty awesome read. I need to get on the ball and start buying books again.

  12. Great review Lisa. I read the first 5 chapters of this on Jolene's blog and really like Jameson. Wasn't impressed with Sky and how forward she was without knowing Jameson. I was hoping that Sarah the best friend would end up being the main love interest but I'm guessing that won't happen.


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