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Make Me (Demon Underground, #4)

Make Me (Demon Underground, #4)Make Me by Parker Blue

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Part demon, part human, we are secretly born.
Persecuted, violated, forsaken, forlorn.
For freedom, for privacy, we have all made a pact.
Three to serve: one to lead, one to protect, one to act.

It would seem that my favorite half succubus just can’t catch a break. Val Shapiro has been hunting bad vampires for as long as she can remember, but lately her life has been a bit harder than usual. Ever since she lost her Slayer powers along with her V card, she only has her succubus half, Lola, to rely on in fights. Speed and strength of a regular human aren’t nearly enough when you spend your days fighting vampires, not even with some training in martial arts.

Val’s new boss, leader of the ‘good’ vampires, has to go to Austin to take care of business and insists on bringing Val along. That would normally be fine, but her boyfriend Shade is complicating matters by being jealous of the vampire lieutenant Austin and wanting to come along. Besides, things aren’t running smoothly in the Demon Underground either. A none-too-small fraction of the Underground has turned against Micah, their incubus leader and Val’s cousin. They want things to go back to the old ways, when protecting half demons was far more important than blending in, but Micah wants to lead the organization the way his father did before him. Val isn’t quite sure what to think of the matter and would like to stay out of it if at all possible, but the new fraction is convinced that she would make a much better leader than Micah, so avoiding the problem isn’t really an option.

All these things, however, pale in comparison to the challenge of keeping the Encyclopedia Magicka safe. Torn between her job and her duty towards her own kind, Val is forced to use any means necessary, including her succubus half Lola and the rather unpredictable book, to save everyone and everything she loves.

Maybe six months ago, after a recommendation by a trusted friend, I picked up the first three books of the Demon Underground series and read them all in two days. They were incredibly entertaining, with great worldbuilding, likable characters, and interesting plots and I became an instant fan. Needless to say, my expectations for this book were sky high, and I’m sorry to say it didn’t quite live up to them. (A love triangle? Really, Parker Blue? Why would you do such a thing to a perfectly good series? *cries*)

Shade was my biggest disappointment by far. He was almost unrecognizable in Make Me. Without any warning, he and Val went from being a sweet new couple to having trust issues, balance issues, issues with unfounded jealousy and lack of communication. When exactly did their relationship become a power struggle? They were perfectly happy at the end of book three.
Val was also a bit too whiny for my taste. She had a right to be, all things considered, but I still didn’t appreciate the pity party. Even Fang, her loyal hellhound, wasn’t as funny as he usually is.

I’ll probably still read book five when it comes out, but my expectations will be a lot lower.


  1. So many good series are ruined by a love triangle. *sigh* I saw this on Netgalley (I think) and I really wanted to read it based on the cover haha. BUt then I saw it was like book 4. They do sound fun though maybe I'll get the first 3 books and when it comes to this I'll tell myself the triangle never happened. :P

  2. I haven't heard of this book but the cover looks cool! I'll add the first book in my TBR and hopefully I'll get the chance to read it!

    Despite the fact that you didn't quite love the 4th book as much as the first 3 books, I'm glad that you will probably still read book 5! :)

    Awesome review, Maja! ♥

  3. Oh no! I really hate that, when authors seem to manipulate their romances to create more drama. Being together is drama enough, and I love it when authors realize that (and write about it). I am intrigued by "slayer powers" though - is she a vampire slayer? :-O

  4. I completely understand how much a love triangle can ruin a perfectly good series. I read a good book last week, one that made me go 'aww' all over and smile when I read the scenes between the couple. But then the second guy appeared, and bam! The girl was torn. She's like 'I love you both! I can't pick. No don't go I love you'. And through the rest of the book, I feel like, 'GO PICK YOUR GUY. Please please please for the sake of my sanity.'

    Well, Maja, I hope that your favorite half-succubus story will get better in the next book! I haven't read this series yet but I like succubus, so maybe I'll give it a shot. :)

    Awesome review, Maja! ♥

  5. Why am I not surprised that losing your V card would cause sever repercussions? LOL

    I honestly don't think I've ever heard of this series before. Where have I been? Is this the U.S. cover? I'll have to look these up to see if I recognize any.

    The shift in the relationship sounds like one that was done just for the sake of adding drama to the story and I'm not usually a fan of that plot device.

  6. I want to curse here on your blog, but will refrain. Why do these authors insist on shoving these god awful love triangles down our throats (I have strep this week and I am telling you nothing is going down my throat easily, certainly not an unwanted love triangle. I remember you telling me about Fang and I was planning on jumping on this when I saw it on NG, now I am going tl wait a bit. I have to much to read to get into a disappointment, hope there is redemption in the next book.

  7. I always think I hate love triangles, but I'm pretty sure poor Heidi hates them more. ;) Though really, I'm surprised the author felt the need to throw one in 4 books into a series. I haven't read these books myself, but it sounds like the first 3 a worth checking out. It's a shame this one wasn't as great as them. Nice review Maja!

  8. I don't think I've heard of this series or author but the fact that you read the first 3 books in 2 days makes me want to find out more about them.

    And I agree, it is disappointing when a series starts going downhill, especially after only 3 books but I hope you enjoy book 5 a lot more!

  9. LOL Sam and Heidi's comments about love triangles made me smile! Love triangles really can make a book plummet for the hills sometimes, can't they? x) But aside from the glaring mark against it, I can't believe I haven't heard of this series before! The first few books in the series sound WELL worth reading, especially since they have vampires in them and the whole Slayer thing kind of reminds me of Buffy! :D

    Thanks so much for the AWESOME honest review, Maja! <3 Hopefully the next book in the series will redeem it for you? 3 out of 4 awesome odds doesn't seem that bad! ;)

  10. I love the fact that I can always trust your reviews. Frankly, I like troubled relationships. I also like them to have a reason other than "because the conflic fills out a lot of pages".

    I know you liked the first books, but I don't think I'm going to go into this one. Too many books to read as it is, and knowing I won't be able to finish the series without pulling my hair out throws a wrench in my reading plans so... Yeah.

    Thanks for the review, Maja! :)

  11. Great review Maja. I wouldn't have been Shades biggest fan, I think that's why it didn't bother me the way things turned out here. But I do like sexy Austin lol (big vampire fan here). If there was any fault I could find with these books, I think it would be a bit more personality for Shade. He just didn't grow on me at all. I even preferred Dan.


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