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Review: Night Broken (Mercy Thompson, #8)

Night BrokenAuthor: Patricia Briggs
Narrator: Lorelei King
Series: Mercy Thompson, #8
Published: March 4th 2014
Publisher: Brilliance Audio
Lenght: 10 hrs and 5 mins
Buy: Audible

An unexpected phone call heralds a new challenge for Mercy. Her mate Adam’s ex-wife is in trouble, on the run from her new boyfriend. Adam isn’t the kind of man to turn away a person in need—and Mercy knows it. But with Christy holed up in Adam’s house, Mercy can’t shake the feeling that something about the situation isn’t right.
Soon, her suspicions are confirmed when she learns that Christy has the farthest thing from good intentions. She wants Adam back and she’s willing to do whatever it takes to make it happen, including turning Adam’s pack against Mercy.
Mercy isn’t about to step down without a fight, but there’s a more dangerous threat circling. Christy’s ex is more than a bad man—in fact, he may not be human at all. As the bodies start piling up, Mercy must put her personal troubles aside to face a creature with the power to tear her whole world apart.
There are very few authors who can do no wrong in my eyes. Not when the entire first half of their book seems rather aimless. Not when they neglect quite a few secondary characters I adore. Not when they bring in the evil ex-wife, which is usually a deal-breaker for me. In fact, now that I think about it, there’s only one author who can do all those things at the same time and still keep me as a devoted fan, and it’s Patty Briggs.

That’s not to say I wasn’t disappointed and even a bit panicked during the first half of Night Broken. Unfocused and slow, it showed all the usual signs of a filler book. Christy’s reappearance scared me and, in the interest of full disclosure, there were moments when I wished that Briggs had chosen to do anything but bring her back. I feared she would slip into those dreaded soap opera patterns, turn Mercy and Adam’s situation into a torturous love triangle and create and unnecessary rift in their relationship.

Shame on me. I should have known better.

While a part of me still wishes that Christy could have stayed exactly where she was – far, far away from Tri Cities and Mercy – I have to admit that Briggs handled the situation elegantly, showing once again why we all love our level-headed and mature Mercy. As the story progressed, the sharp contrast between her and Christy became obvious to everyone, even to those who’d have preferred not to see it. For me, as a reader, it helped that Mercy and Adam always remained on the same side, never once allowing the seed of doubt to be planted between them.

Mercy’s enemy in Night Broken is very exotic and interesting, but not as nuanced as those before him. He is, in part, overshadowed by several subplots, including Mercy’s newly discovered half-brother. Mercy’s constant struggles with the pack are also a constant in the background, as her need for acceptance – not for herself, but to make Adam’s life easier – influences every decision she makes.

Lorelei King performed flawlessly and showed us, once again, why she’s one of the best narrators in the world. This was my first Mercy Thompson audio, but I liked that I couldn’t just race through the long-awaited book. One of my favorite things about audio format is that it stops me from finishing a book in a couple of hours and allows me to savor it instead. I’ve come to associate King’s voice with Charley Davidson, which was somewhat problematic at first, but I quickly separated the two in my mind and enjoyed her rendition to the full.

Even after eight books, this remains my favorite series, which I suppose says more than enough about its quality. There’s still so much to be said, so many unexplored possibilities for these characters. I hope we’ll have many more installments to look forward to.


  1. I love when an author is so darn good that you can look past all of these things and still love the writing, characters and world they have created. I am so very far behind on this series but even knowing you didn't absolutely love this read, it still makes me want to pick this series back up and start it again because I really do miss Mercy's world.

  2. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaant. But waiting for PB ;/

  3. I read this on audio as well, Maja, and really enjoyed the narration. Like you, I expected a lot worse from this scenario but absolutely LOVED the moments between Adam and Mercy, not to mention the fact that Mercy eventually won over the pack from Christy with her maturity and loyalty. Unlike the latest Kate Daniels installment, I felt as if this one only furthered my love for the series as a whole. Obviously not as good as Iron Kissed or Frost Burned, but not bad in the least. Fantastic review, dear!(:

  4. It's always great when we have the patience necessary to wait and wade through the sometimes not as promising parts of a book and then get the rewards!
    I still need to get better with audiobooks, I seem to always be too impatient for them!
    Great review, Maja!

  5. Oh, I love this series too. It's definitely in my Top 5, and even though this wasn't my favorite installment (Christy--GAH), as you said, Briggs is always great. And how cool was Tad?!

    Jessica @ Rabid Reads

  6. I lurve this series. The pack dynamics, Mercy (serious girl crush on her!), the new brother (ooh!) was definitely a bit more unfocused than other books because of all the subplots but I loved it nonetheless.

  7. hahaha..Maja you had me nervous in the first section of the your review..I though, wait, what...this book rocked..and apparently you thought so too. Wanna snag a truck and chase down Christy?

  8. I was definitely nervous in the first half of this book too Maja, worried that Christy was going to be the sole focus and I was going to want to throw the book before it was over. She was just miserable. BUT, she did make me angry which means I was emotionally involved with the story which is always a good thing:) Like you said, even when certain aspects of the story are frustrating, these books never disappoint overall!

  9. I just finished this one in the wee hours last night not because it took me a long time to read it but because I wanted to take my time and savor it. This one kept me on my toes and I thought it harken back to the previous Mercy books that I loved. The plot was more complicated and nuanced and I'm sure we will see that big bad soon. It's going to be hard to wait for the next book!

  10. I am two books behind on this series and I need to catch up. I think now that I am going to do this on audio because I love Lorelei King. I am not excited about the whole Christy drama but I am glad that Briggs manages to pull it out.

  11. yay! I'm glad that despite the slow part you enjoyed it! I lvoe this author and even if I'm a little behind (yes because I need to read book 7), I have this one too. Thanks lady for your lovely review!

  12. I really enjoyed this one too. I thought it was a little slow but after the end of the last one I needed an ease in :)

  13. I'm so behind and I so need to catch up. I'm worried about doing this on audio since she is Charley right now to me. Still, I love how Mercy handles the situation and yea... that is why we love this heroine!

  14. I can't wait to catch up on this series. The last one I read was River Marked and it's been way too long. I need more Mercy.

  15. I have not heard of this series before, but it certainly does sound interesting! Thank you for your review.

  16. Glad that it didn't let you down, I really need to try these books.

  17. I definitely agree this villain wasn't as nuanced as others we have seen in the series thus far. Oh jeezuz and Christy I've got a hate on for her something fierce. And I wanted to slap Adam over the head so many times!

    Seriously how lets their ex-wife get their hands on your phone! All men I know carry those things in their butt pocket or on their hip even when they are in the darn house.

  18. Sounds like it's still going slow. I might give this one another try eventually.

  19. I really need to get to this series. I read a short story in a novella and just loved it. I ran out and bought the first book. But I've been so busy with blog reads, I've not got to it yet.


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