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Review: The Dream Thieves (Raven Cycle, #2)

The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2)Author: Maggie Stiefvater
Series: Raven Cycle, #2
Published: September 17th 2013
Publisher: Scholastic Press
Format: Hardcover, 439 pages
Buy: The Book Depository

Now that the ley lines around Cabeswater have been woken, nothing for Ronan, Gansey, Blue, and Adam will be the same.

Ronan, for one, is falling more and more deeply into his dreams, and his dreams are intruding more and more into waking life.

Meanwhile, some very sinister people are looking for some of the same pieces of the Cabeswater puzzle that Gansey is after...
Sometimes there are no words.

A year and a half ago, when I first read The Raven Boys, I was thoroughly impressed. Everything in my brain screamed that Maggie reached new heights, that she is the only one with the potential to build a story unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. And yet, while my brain was thrilled, my heart was oddly silent. I recognized the sheer brilliance of it all, but I didn’t really respond emotionally. However, there was hope. With Maggie, there’s always hope.

The Dream Thieves is a whole new ball game, friends. It’s a book that consumes, that eats you alive and then dreams you back to life. It’s a mind-shattering, life-altering experience only one author in the whole universe can provide. There is nothing, nothing in this world comparable to Maggie Stiefvater’s writing. The elegance and the cleverness of it are unparalleled in young adult literature, and she’s only getting better with each new book.

Even though The Dream Thieves is very much Ronan’s book, it is also Adam’s book, and Blue’s book and especially Gansey’s book. In fact, Richard Gansey III is such a strong presence, such an overwhelmingly well-rounded character, that every book inevitably becomes his. His is an old soul in a 17-year-old body and his calm demeanor the only anchor in his turbulent surroundings. While Ronan and Adam are both walking, talking disaster, each his own kind of train wreck, Blue is the closest to Gansey in that she is very firmly set in her own skin. Like Gansey, she has an infallible sense of self, a clear idea of who she is and a self-awareness that doesn’t match her age.

By destroying an object that belongs to one of her characters, an object of immense sentimental value, Stiefvater gives her readers a subtle message: Do not get lulled into a false sense of security. My writing may possess a certain gentle beauty, but nothing is really sacred. No character is safe. She does this like she does everything else, with elegance and grace, and that makes the threat all the more terrifying.

The Dream Thieves is almost impossible to summarize. The plot is very dispersed and vague, the mysteries still too big and solutions too far to fully comprehend. But does it matter? Certainly not, for it is a far superior book to anything I’ve read in a very long time. Stiefvater’s immense creativity spills from every page, breaking the confines of the genre and of YA literature in general.

It pains me to think that I have to wait almost a year for the next book, but perhaps it’s for the best. I took my time with The Dream Thieves, savoring each page and thinking through each event so as not to miss even the smallest of details. Waiting 10 months will give me time to absorb everything and prepare myself for yet another dose of Stiefvater’s brilliance.


  1. Maja, you're review was simply beautiful.
    It sums up how I felt about not just this book but both books!
    I may have preferred The Raven Boys to The Dream Thieves but both books were so powerful. She kind of just makes your head spin.
    My own theories are kind of overwhelming me, making the wait infinitely harder. :P
    But we'll all get through it and the next book will be worth the wait.

  2. I'm ashamed to say that I haven't started this series yet. It's really intimidating because of all the glow reviews but at the same time I'm a huge fan of Maggie's writing to begin with. I hope to make some time this month to squeeze these in. Lovely review, Maja!

  3. Wow Maja, this is an absolutely stunning review. *bows down to your review writing skills* I'd put this one on hold even though I loved book one because I'd read some so-so reviews of it, but now you have me wanting to pick it up immediately. Ronan was actually one of my favorite characters from the first book, he seemed the darkest and most broken of them all and that's always the type of character that appeals to me, so I'm glad he gets more page time in this one. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous review:)

  4. I listened to book 1, it was so and so, but then audio does not always work

  5. Yay! I adored this one too and am now on the edge of my seat waiting for the third, I can not wait!!
    Fantastic review Maja!

    Have a lovely weekend!! :D

  6. Great to hear a positive review for this one, I have been looking at reading it for a while now, and know I should

  7. I wasn't a fan of Shiver but I've enjoyed all of Maggie's other books and love this series so far. No one writes like her!

  8. Lovely review my darling. I know you have great love and respect for Maggie as do I, but I know exactly what you mean. I liked The Raven Boys, but it was missing that magic spark in the writing, it didn't capture me like her other books had. I am so happy to hear that the magic is back. I actually just started this on audio yesterday, it is narrated by Will Patton and he is fantastic. Did you know she is coming out with a new Mercy Falls book in the summer? I can't wait!

  9. What a beautiful review. You summed up my own feelings about this book perfectly, as well - Maggie's writing is both clever and elegant, a balance that is really hard to find. You're so right about it being Ronan's book - and Adam's, and Blue's, and Gansey's. Maggie takes extreme care with her characters and I think the reason it feels like everyone's book, is that it's inseparably everyone's story.

    Really well-articulated thoughts, Maja. :)

  10. I LOVED The Dream Thieves too! Probably my favorite book of the year. The characterization is amazing, not to mention the utter coolness of the dream element.

  11. I wasn't that much attracted by this series I confess so I didn't even think about read it but maybe it was a mistake and now you review really intrigues me.

  12. Yes, yes, yes, yes, YES. Basically: yes! I loved this book and I'm thrilled you finally got around to reviewing it. It's such a beautifully written novel, one that carries so much quiet weight. I can't wait to see where Stiefvater takes this series next!(:

  13. Maja, I absolutely adore this review! I loved this book so fiercely and I still can't bring myself to write a review of it (though I'm hoping I'll come around to it soon), but this pretty much sums up my very intense feelings perfectly. "It’s a book that consumes, that eats you alive and then dreams you back to life." Such a lovely way of describing the effect of Stiefvater's writing on me! I am dying to read the next one. WHYYYY must I always wait so long for the things I love? Stunning review!

  14. A Five! WOW. I enjoyed the first book and knowing that the 2nd book is better...I wan't to buy a copy now :D Amazing review, Maja.


  15. I plan to read the first book soon so I didn't read your review really. But I'm SO excited to see your very high rating! I MUST squeeze this series in SOON!

  16. I absolutely adored The Dream Thieves! And I will be re-reading it and The Raven Boys while I wait for the third book. Cause these are the kinda books that I WILL make time to re-read no matter what!

  17. I'm so glad I returned in time to catch your review for this - it's definitely one of my favourites of yours. And this is probably one of my favourite books of the year. I'm thrilled that it impressed you, Maja! I remember you mentioning that something was missing for you in the first book when you reviewed it, so it's great to see that Maggie Stiefvater managed to deliver completely for you this time. I also love your point on Gansey and how every book inevitably becomes his book. He's a very rare and special kind of character. Let's hope the next one is just as brilliant as this!

  18. wow this series sounds great! I want to get my hands on book one soon, so far I only seen an audiobook around here, but oh gosh. The author sounds like her writing is incredible! I love the way you put it that no character is safe.


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