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Something Wicked Returns: Indigo by Gina Linko: Guest Post & Giveaway

Hi everyone! I hope you're enjoying all our Something Wicked posts and entering the giveaways. Yesterday I posted my Something Wicked challenge so if you haven't had a chance to check it out, you should do so now. Everyone likes trivia, right?

Today I'm incredibly proud to welcome Gina Linko to The Nocturnal Library. Her first novel Flutter was one of my favorite 2012 reads, and the upcoming Indigo is... well, I have no words for how amazing Indigo is. Here's what Gina shared with us:


First off, I wanted to say a great big thanks to Maja for having me on her wonderful blog!  It is an honor to be here, and what I wanted to talk about today is what scares me.  In honor of Halloween and all those great books that really crawl into our minds and spook us, I wanted to talk about what freaks me out.  And really, it’s a question:  What if?

This is how I often start brainstorming for a new book/project idea.  And you might say, Well, duh.  And you would be right, but stay with me for a second, because I like to start with a scary idea.  Or if it isn’t scary, at the very least, I like unsettling.  Because to me, those have always been the best ideas.  The ones that hit a little too close to home, right?  The possibilities that you can’t quite explain away in the dark of your bedroom, when it’s just you and your imagination listening to the noises of the night and wondering if you locked the front door.

I love ideas like that, especially ones on the edge of science, where its edges blur into the supernatural.  Questions just beyond our understanding – like ESP and telekinesis and things that are almost prove-able, but maybe not just.  Ideas on the edge of the mainstream.  Things that might seem ridiculous in the daylight, but you can’t quite discount them.  Especially in the dark.  Because there is something there. 

A question.  What if?

Because science knows a lot.  We’ve figured lots of things out.  True.  We don’t believe in crazy, medieval superstitions.  But there are hazy edges.  Areas where we aren’t sure.  We’ve all seen those ghost photos that we can’t quite explain away, or the truly convincing video of what looks like a UFO, or we’ve read the articles about the kid in England who claims he’s had a past life and knows all there is to know about WWII fighter jets. 

It’s unsettling. 

So I like to brainstorm and live in that little pocket there.  That place of uncertainty.  That place of what-if.  So many great books pull us into that place.  And scare the heck out of us. 

Like, what if a girl could move things with her mind?  And that girl gets picked on in school and has a terrible home life.  What if that poor, ostracized kid wanted to get some powerful revenge? (Carrie by Stephen King)

What if animals were genetically altered to achieve higher cognitive thinking?  How could that go wrong? (Watchers Dean Koontz)

What if you could see into other people’s dreams?  (Wake by Lisa McMann)

Or what if a girl was having terrible seizures, but they weren’t really seizures?  What if they were something entirely different?  Some overdeveloped part of her brain that did something really, seriously cool?  (Flutter by me, but of course, I in no way mean to compare myself to the awesome authors above.)

And of course, my new book Indigo.  What if your touch was deadly?  But that’s not exactly it.  What if you thought your touch was deadly, but it was actually something totally different?  But just as powerful. 

And that, again, is another thing that I like in books and in movies, when something you think is true gets totally turned on its head, so that you have to re-examine so much of your belief system.  It’s scary.  That little pocket of scientific uncertainty.  The Area 51 of our collective minds. 

What if?

So what is it that keeps you up at night?  What scares you? 

Gina Linko has a graduate degree in creative writing from DePaul University and lives outside Chicago with her husband and three children. Gina teaches college English part-time, but her real passion is sitting down at a blank computer screen and asking herself the question, "What if...?"

Gina is generously giving away one copy of her upcoming novel, Indigo, internationally. Just enter the Rafflecopter below. Good luck!

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  1. Zombies and robots....yup only those two. Well and every monster there is, I have quite the imagination, lol

  2. What scares me - snakes! I have never seen one in live (only in zoo) but still the fear is huge! I'm not afraid of monsters and all that as they're in my imagination. I should be though as my imagination sometimes has no limits. Great post :)

  3. Gosh, I am so excited for Indigo! I absolutely LOVE this post, though. It really is so chilling, all the scary things out there in the world, and unsettling is such a perfect word to describe much of it. Thanks for sharing, Maja - I can't wait for Indigo now! ;)

  4. I so agree! The scariest books and movies I have ever seen are those that could be. Those that really make you stop and think, what if?
    What a fun guest post!!

  5. I love the "What If" of it all. The best stories start that way and, when done right, can make the "what if" seem completely real.

  6. Being paralyzed, buried alive. Tnx for the giveaway

  7. Oooo yes, I love what if questions! They're so much fun to ponder, and then of course I get myself all worked up in doing so and then can't let my what if questions go:) What keeps me up at night? My imagination usually. When I'm by myself in the house, it runs wild with all sorts of scary things - most often someone breaking in. I plan escape routes in my head and keep myself awake most of the night:) Sleep fail.

  8. What scares me is tiny spaces as I'm claustrophobic.
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  9. I love this! I'm always thinking 'what if', which is probably what a lot of readers do just because what ideas we are exposed to, but when you really think about it in real life and not just make believe it's crazy what you can really believe in. I think that if we could tap into more of our brains we can do some amazing stuff! And I know that ghosts are real and totally believe there are aliens out there. I'm pretty easy to convince though, I'll believe in almost anything!

  10. what usually keeps me up at night are shadows in my room--it makes me feel like someone is watching me.I usually face my wall and close my eyes. When i was a child my family use to watch a bunch of scary movies and they kept me up at night...

  11. What if... the beginning of a great plot. :) Not so great for sleeping. :D

    Sometimes you can take those imaginings and really figure out things that take away fear as well. What if that scary shadow is really Ludo from Labyrinth? :D

  12. I always like to keep an open mind and we know that often the truth is crazier than fiction. What a great post! sorry I have been absent I was out of town all weekend.

  13. Wow. I agree with Gina-- all the scariest books are the ones that lie just outside of possible. The ones that are unsettling. Awesome guest post! Lovely feature, Maja! (:

  14. As a firm believer in the concept that belief creates reality, I love the concept of a character's touch doing something they (mis)interpret to be deadly. Would that character's perception change the affect? And what does that say about one's belief of oneself? These are the best kind of questions for writing fiction!

  15. Sounds like an interesting book. I'm afraid of spiders.

  16. Ooh wonderful post! I do think there is a lot in this world that borders on supernatural but you just can't discount it. Some are cool, while others are bit more on the freaky side.

  17. I think that all of us are having our "what if" moments no matter how logical or rational we think we are. That fear of darkness is one of the primal fears and I don't think we can escape something that goes that far in our evolutionary past.

    Great post.

    Glass @ Way Too Hot Books

  18. Thank you for the great post and giveaway.

  19. I agree with Gina.Awemoe guest post.And thanks for the giveaway,

  20. I'm absolutely terrified of heights, needles, and creepy creatures that exist in the dark (I've read too many creepypastas!). Thanks for the awesome giveaway!


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