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Day 6 of the Apocalypse! Teri Terry, author of Slated + Giveaway (INT)

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Have you read SLATED by Teri Terry yet? Late in the 21st century, the government, no longer the United Kingdom but the Central Coalition, found a new way to deal with criminals. Instead of prisons or even capital punishment, they get a clean slate, or more precisely, they get slated – their memory gets wiped clean and, if they’re underage, they get assigned to a new Mum and Dad, a whole new family they’re supposed to treat as their own.
Does this sound interesting to you? I loved it, and I loved the second book, FRACTURED, even more. So today, I welcome the wonderful Teri Terry to The Nocturnal Library. 


Teri Terry’s Top Ten to Avoid Going Bonkers in the Bunker

I’d like to tell you that when the apocalypse hits, I have a plan, and the cunning and kick-ass skills to survive. The reality is the only thing I have in common with Katniss, Tris and Kyla is that I’ve read &/or written about them. In fact, one of my nicknames is Princess Wuss, the Wussiest Wuss in all of Wussdom (though it’s good to have a title, isn’t it?).

So I think my best chance of surviving an apocalypse involves hiding in a bunker and waiting it out. Here is my top ten list of things I need to survive: assume I’ll have enough food and water, basic medical supplies, all the essentials. This is the stuff I need to fill the time to avoid going bonkers in the bunker.

Here goes:

1.   The Man. He prefers to remain anonymous, but he is good at being calm in a crisis. Besides, I’m kind of used to having him around.
2.   An extensive collection of interesting notebooks – A4 hardback coil bound - and blue gel 0.5 mm pens. Actually, I nearly have an apocalypse-surviving quantity of notebooks and pens in reserve, already (“hoarder alert”)
3.   Banrock the Bunny (Banrock is my chief muse).
4.   A popcorn maker – my ultimate comfort food.
5.   Scrabble. And a dictionary (I can’t spell).
6.   Every album Mark Knopfler has ever made. And as the Man is along, every Bruce Springsteen album ever made.
7.   A cardio cross-trainer.
8.   The complete recorded Ashes DVD collection (for those who don’t know, the Ashes isn’t what is left of the world after the apocalype. It is cricket, and involves England vs Aussies, wearing white, cricket bats, and a little red ball. Cricket is also immortalized in The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy. Test match cricket goes on for days and days: perfect for bunker time fill).
9.   A piano, and extensive set of teach yourself to play piano books. I’ve always wanted to learn, and when would I ever have more time?
10.  BOOKS. Great piles of them. Though given the state of the world, I might avoid post-apocalyptic or dystopian tales, and go more for happy ever after. You know, to keep our spirits up.

Come to think of it....except for the piano, add some chocolate and this list is pretty much the writing cave survival list, too.

Teri has lived in France, Canada, Australia and England at more addresses than she can count, acquiring three degrees, a selection of passports and a silly name along the way. Past careers have included scientist, lawyer, optometrist, and, in England, various jobs in schools, libraries and an audiobook charity. The footpaths and canal ways of the Buckinghamshire Chilterns where she now lives inspired much of the setting of Slated. She hates broccoli, likes cats, and has finally worked out what she wants to do when she grows up.

Thanks to the lovely people at Hachette Children's UK, you can now enter to win a copy of Slated, or if you already have that, Fractured. This giveaway is international. Good luck, everyone!

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  1. Ooo popcorn is my comfort food as well, that is awesome!
    What a fun guest post!

  2. Mhm imagine eating popcorn and playing scrabble during the apocalypse! That would be cool. Also having a man is always good! :D Great post Teri :)

    1. Also thanks Maja! PS. You're doing a great job during this hop! :)

  3. Awesome! Can you add my giveaway too today's? It's after the "soft apocalypse"

    Giveaway Love Minus Eighty

  4. I'd take guitar instead of the piano! And BOOKS, yes to the books. :)) haha thanks for the giveaway! I've heard of Slated before, but never really gotten the chance to read it yet.

  5. LOL--I'm enjoying your posts this week! Nothin' better than post-apocalyptic humor! And you definitely need a dictionary with Scrabble so you can argue your word choice.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. Yes, lots of books - you can never have too many books! Great post, thanks - both books are on our #tbr #mustread :)

  8. I read and really enjoyed Slated. I've been looking forward to Fractured ever since!!

  9. I'm a notebook and pens hoarder too! Although I'm not sure I would be needing them if ever there's an apocalypse. What am I talking about? I'll probably be the first to die if there's an apocalypse!
    A popcorn maker is a good idea though! :)
    Great guest post!
    Thanks for sharing, Maja! :)

  10. I'm going to bring my whole room with me if ever staying in my house is not safe. The book sounds like The Giver for me bec. of the parents that designated for you, well this has been on my TBR list for ages, I wish I had the immediate chance to have them. Thanks for the giveaway!

  11. Really loved Slated! Can't wait to dive into the sequel!

  12. I just need coffee, and to be in close proximity to a library! I loved Slated and cannot wait to read Fractured!

  13. I havent read any of the books yet. They are on my wish list to get and i cant wait to read them!! thanks for the giveaway!!!


  14. i haven't had a chance to read this series yet, but I ddi read the excerpts last year on Sam's blog and it was very interesting. The amnesia thing was creepy. Anyway, I like this list. If I was trapped in a bunker I would like those things as well. I do know how to play the piano but I haven't practiced in a long time. Time to brush up!

  15. Sounds like you got it all planned out but I hope it never happens in my life time or my grand kids life time I don't think I will be willing to survive unless my grand kids do thanks for info on how to surive

  16. I think you did me a HUGE favor with this post. I now have the perfect excuse for having SO many books on my tbr shelf. You know... just in case the apocalypse happens! I'm just being sensible and preparing for the worse... ;D

  17. I definitely loved the piano on the list as I have always wanted to learn. I'm not quite sure what I would take into a bunker, but books would be on the list. Every season of The Big Bang Theory even though it is really short, it keeps me entertained for hours and probably the rest of the TV series that I love too.

    I would probably like to take Monopoly as that goes on for hours and can be endless fun!

    Oh and my Ipod since I just can't survive without my music - and somehow I would require a means to charge it... haha!

    Fabulous post and I really need to get my hands on a copy of this book ASAP!

  18. Without a well-stocked uncrowded bunker, I don't know if I could survive the apocalypse either! I, too, would have to bring The Man with me since I will need someone to blame for any discomfort I may find in the bunker and for the apocalyptic state of the world. Books & chocolate would also rank high on my top 10. I love Top 10 lists, this one was great!

  19. Slated is a book I've been interested in reading for a while now. Thanks for putting it back on my radar here!
    I completely agree with basically all that Terry has said here. I would not be able to survive any sort of apocalypse - but I love reading about tough, scrappy girls who are survivors!

  20. I absolutely loved that Slated was a YA thriller, it was one of the first I'd read of that genre and I thought that it was fantastic. I haven't had a chance to read Fractured yet but can't wait :)

  21. Lock me in a bunker with books, food, water, and blankets and I'm good to go! LOL And maybe a love interest! Exercise would probably be good too in case I need to run and find more food.

  22. Oh man, I love Mark Knopfler. I once heard Sailing to Philadelphia while I was driving through a dirt camping road in the middle of the Mendocino forest and it was one of the most majestic experiences of my life. Great choice:)

  23. My top item would be a baseball bat. You never know what kind of apocalypse you're gonna get stuck it, but either way, you are probably gonna need a weapon. I'd also go insane without my laptop. I guess I could always resort back to paper and pen, lol. Thanks for the giveaway!

  24. Books, books and more books. Sounds good to me and chocolate as well.
    Thanks :-)

    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

  25. Would love to read these books. I hope I win! :)

  26. Yes! Bunker and lots of books ;-) Definitely agree with you.

    FB/Rafflecopter name is Yuliya Sh

  27. I love the concept! What a great way to deal with criminal tendencies, without compromising a body that can contribute to society. Nice!

  28. Lots of books is a must, but I guess they better be complicated plots and favorites as well, because I imagine re-reads will be unavoidable. Although if we're in the same bunker and you have your handy dandy notebooks, you could write us a few new stories! :) I'd have to bring my man as well. He's the calm and collected problem solver of our duo. I mostly run and scream when things go bonkers, lol! Wonderful post, Teri! I look forward to reading your books. Thanks for the giveaway ladies! :)

  29. I've heard so many amazing things about this series!!! Dying to get my hands on them.

  30. Ooohhh I've been dying to read this one!! It's already on my list!! I love Dystopian books!! Thank you so much for this awesome giveaway!!!

  31. I've really been wanting to read Slated it sounds like it'll be good. To survive not going bonkers I would have tons and tons of books, actually I would just crash in a bookstore ;) And if I could find a safe place to watch tv I'd be watching The Walking Dead and The Vampire Diaries, hehe. And I would learn to use a bow & arrow, knifes and anything else I can get my hands on, I mean killing zombies could be a productive hobby, right? ;) Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

  32. Oh yes, I would have to bring a TON of books if I were to survive in a bunker. And scrabble is a great idea too! Come to think of it, a whole collection of board games would be great. Wonderful list! I won't enter the giveaway since I have these books—the first one was wonderful, and I'm onto the next now. Thanks for the cool guest post!


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