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Blog Tour Review: Sweet On You

Sweet On You (Laurel Heights, #6)Author: Kate Perry
Series: Laurel Heights, #6
Release date: December 20th 2012
Publisher: Phoenix Rising Ent.
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Sugar and spice and everything…naughty?

Pastry-chef-to-the-stars Daniela Rossi wants one thing: the abandoned building South of Market. Turning it into a soup kitchen for the homeless is the only thing that's excited her in months. And Daniella needs to feel again. Until she finds herself feeling too much - for the man who's competition for the property.
Ruthless entrepreneur Nico Cruz wants one thing: the abandoned SOMA building he grew up in, where his brother was killed. Destroying it is the only thing that will set his brother's soul at peace. And Nico always gets what he wants. But Daniela's sweet temptation makes him question what it will take to soothe his own soul.
Fortunately, in this bidding war, all's fair...

Sweet on You is the perfect read for slow, rainy weekends when you just want to have a cup of hot chocolate and enjoy a relaxing story. It’s the sixth book in Kate Perry’s Laurel Heights series, but it can be read as a standalone. I haven’t read any of the previous books, and while I didn’t know the back story of some secondary characters, it didn’t bother me in the least.

This very short book contains not one, but two love stories, each of them adorable in its own way. On the one side, there are Daniela and Nico – a famous pastry chef and a real estate mogul, both bidding for the same property, each with very different things in mind. On the other are Marley and Brian – Daniela’s assistant with a passion for superheroes and photography and the charming, funny guy she simply refuses to date.

The points of view aren’t cleanly cut, chapter to chapter. Instead, they switch seamlessly between Daniela, Nico and Marley, sometimes mid chapter, sometimes at the beginning of one. I suppose that might sound a bit messy, but it worked in this case. It made the connection between the characters more obvious, tangible even, and it made me like them that much more.

Now, to quote Mary Murphy, Nico Cruz is one hot tamale. He is your typical romance hero – obscenely rich, gorgeous and with a dark past – but that doesn’t make him any less appealing. If anything, Perry took the mold that’s been used so many times and managed to breathe some creativity and charm into it. So yes, while Nico is exactly like a trillion other heroes out there, something about him, something I can’t quite put my finger on, still made him stand out.

Like in all feel-good romances, the dark and brooding hero was just waiting for the right woman to turn him into a caring, thoughtful man. But all that means is that this story is practically angst-free, and that’s my favorite kind, thank you very much.

Just as soon as I find the time, probably on the very first rainy weekend that comes along, I will buy and read the previous five books of this series. Judging by this one, each can be read as a standalone, which suits me well.

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  1. Awwwww this sounds so sweet<3 I'm starting to read more and more adult books now so I'm glad this was enjoyable :) Must add it to my TBR!

  2. This sounds very cute -- there's just something about a cute, quick romance that makes me happy. Plus, Nico sounds swoon-worthy!

  3. Oh this does sound really sweet. I always see the cover on the best free book list and stare at it for a bit but I never get it which is really weird because I am always looking for more adult romance books in my life and its FREE. I'm a little nervous about the mid chapter POV switching but you said it works so I won't let it worry me too much. Great review, Maja!

  4. You quoted Mary Murphy Maja! That makes this review full of win:) And how perfect is it that it just happens to be a rainy day (sure to lead to a rainy weekend) here. I think this book needs to get on my Kindle, I love that we get two love stories in one book! I could go for a nice angst-free romance. Thanks for the recommendation!

  5. Great review Maja. This is not a series I'm familiar with, thanks for sharing :)

  6. The weather over here has been abysmal as of late, so I've been going through my rainy day comfort reads like no business. I love having a good old romance to curl up to, so I think I will definitely be giving this sweet book a try! Lovely review! :)

  7. The sliding pov sounds like it could be confusing, but otherwise I like the sound of the romance--the dark brooding guy.
    Happy reading,
    Brandi @ Blkosiner’s Book Blog

  8. Oh I want to meet Nico! :) This sounds sweet and lately I've been in the mood for sweet. Angst free and a HEA! My kind of romance. :)

  9. Aahh this sounds so cute! I love this type of a romance set-up, no matter how many times I've previously come across it. It just never gets old, does it? Plus, Nico sounds amazing! I'm really going to have to check this out soon, so thanks for putting this on my radar, Maja!(:

  10. Whoa am I at the right blog? Is that Maja reading a contemporary romance? I must be delusional. Well at least you enjoyed it for the most part. I bet you rolled your eyes at some parts!

  11. I'm glad the POV of view switches worked well for this one, it doesn't always. It sounds like a cute story though!

  12. I like multi-povs when they're well done, which it sounds like in this case, and I just adore the cover of this book!

  13. Aww these sound delightfully sweet and a great read for in-between those heavy dark dystopians I love!

  14. This sounds like a perfect read for me, Maja! Sometimes you need an angst-free read to chase all the frustration and drama away. This is the second review I've read that makes me want to pick this up! Wonderful review. :)

  15. Well you have me completely convinced, and you know that's not easy to do with a book like this. :) Funnily enough, it's raining over here right now, and I could most definitely do with a feel-good romance. Brilliant review, Maja!

  16. Oooh I need to read this one! I saw a review a few weeks back somewhere and got excited about it, then forgot the title and couldn't find it, and now here it is on your blog. Yay! :-) So glad to hear that Nico has something special that sets him apart from the pack. I really want to read this whole series because it's set in my city, but it's such a relief knowing I could pick this up as a standalone. Wonderful review! :-)

  17. I keep reading this and thinking it says it's by Katy Perry, and the female model looks a little like her, so I was totally misled until I actually took the time to read the words. That would be really weird.


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