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Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)

Deadlocked (Sookie Stackhouse, #12)Deadlocked by Charlaine Harris

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

A fair warning: this review contains mild spoilers because writing my rant without them was next to impossible. Proceed at your own risk.

The Sookie Stackhouse series is dying a slow and painful death. Everybody knows it. Charlaine Harris knows it. She knew it even before she signed the deal for the last three books. What’s more, everyone who’s been following the series closely can pretty much tell when she stopped caring. What started off as entertaining and steaming hot (albeit poorly written), is now similar to a diseased and dehydrated animal, just waiting to be crushed by an oncoming car.

So now that we’re here, mourning, let’s make a list of Charlaine Harris’s sins, shall we?

• She wrote no less than ten books going in one direction, only to change course rapidly and unexpectedly in book eleven, thus disappointing countless fans all over the world.
• She created one of the hottest, most intriguing male characters in urban fantasy (and in general, ahem), and then she turned him into a monster I wouldn’t touch with a ten foot pole. Oh my. No cookies for you, Charlaine.
• Every alpha male that ever showed up in the series was (and is) attracted to Sookie. While I may believe that she’s pretty and likable, I fail to see what makes her quite so special. The list is pretty long: Bill, Quinn, Alcide, Sam, Eric and many others, including her cousin and her great-uncle – barf. Also, once they fall in love with her, they never stop pining after her. Never. She ruins them for all other women.
• Harris’s overly simplistic writing didn’t bother me back when her books were actually entertaining, but now that her plots are getting weaker with each book, her writing weaknesses are also showing a lot more than before.
• She is prone to describing ridiculously meaningless details of her heroine’s everyday life. Case in point: Sookie spends exactly 10% of Deadlocked filling out IRS forms, and another 5% making sweet potato pie. I kid you not. At least now I have the recipe.
• Sam. It’s pretty clear by now that Sookie is going to end up with him. He is the guy who’d failed to notice that he was dating a homicidal maniac (she wasn’t as secretive as all that) until a completely random stranger warned him about it. In my opinion, Sam needs to grow a spine before he becomes a serious love interest, and I don’t see that happening.
• In one of her many interviews, Harris said that the bond between Sookie and Eric is her biggest regret. The way she chose to get rid of that bond was ridiculous at best.
• Faeries. I don’t think I need to elaborate. Everything went downhill when Sookie’s heritage was discovered. Her great-great-grandfather freaks her out, she describes him as both creepy and scary, she saw him no more than five times total, and yet she insists that she loves him. Because he’s beautiful. And a prince. Duh.
• Monkey sex and ice packs. Enough said.

This was my very first urban fantasy series. It’s what got me hooked to what later became my favorite genre in the world. That’s why watching it bleed to death right in front of me hurts like hell. It really should have ended with book 8. After that, it just went from bad to worse.

You are more than welcome to contribute to the list in comments. I’ll add some of your comments to the actual list, together with your name and link to your blog, if you want.

Dead Ever After? No, thank you! (Oh, who am I kidding? Of course I’ll read it.)


  1. This is the second review I've read of this book and it is sounding really bad. Like you, I really enjoyed the first 8 - 10 books but I didn't enjoy the last one and I'm not looking forward to this one :/

    I have never and will never like Sam and I really don't want Sookie ending up with him but part of me no longer cares.

    Oh and faeries ruin everything, including this series and the tv show!

  2. I think her biggest sin is continuing to write this series when she clearly has no love or passion for it left. It's so obvious from the past two books that she's just going through the motions. My guess is that she hates these books as much as we do. Ugh, so sad.

    On a much more exciting note, I just looked to the right and saw that you're reading UNHOLY GHOSTS!!!! Hoooorraaaayyyy!

  3. Hahaha, I love when you are in a bad mood. I listened to...maybe Book 11, but I haven't read the one before this. I went out and bought it on the day of release and it has just been sitting here ever since. I read your review anyway and I never really liked Sam all that much. I can't believe he is the love interest. Blah. Your review cracked me up.

  4. awww I haven't read this yet but I am very disappointed with the way the series is going. I read through the series like crazy so excited to watch Sookie and Eric's relationship build only for it to fall apart int he last book for ridiculous reasons. I also agree about the faeries being dumb and ruining both the books and the show. I also find it ridiculous if Sookie ends up with Sam. They are so blah together. But I think I heard Charlaine Harris say she will never make Sookie into a vamp so that kind of means she can't end up with Eric even though that is who she should end up with and who the world wants her with.

  5. When a finished the book #12 i felt like i wanted to cry..... The cluviel dor what a waste!!!

  6. I'm not going to read this, Maja. I haven't read the Sookie Stackhouse series yet. Can you believe it? I just wanted to say "hi" anyways! :)

    1. Hi Rachel! And yes, i totally can. I loved the first few books, but now I think it's really not worth it.

  7. I've only read the first nine books so far, but I read your review anyways because I'm already losing interest in the series, so spoilers aren't all that big of a deal to me. I'll still probably end up finishing it, but even at book number nine...the last couple of books haven't been all that great (in my opinion).

  8. Hahaha! Your review makes me laugh. (Does that make me crazy?) I love it! It's very entertaining. I haven't read this series, but OH HAVE I HEARD ABOUT IT! It sucks that the series is just going downhill. TOTALLY reminds me of the Maximum Ride series. It kind of makes me wonder how in the world the author can save it. Which leads to me to thinking, "Obviously. They can't." Ah well. Maybe, magically, the next Sookie book will be completely awesome and the writing won't be as bad? Ha! Awesome review, Maja!

  9. Ugh. IRS forms... Monkey sex... what the fuck!? I think Charlaine is slowly losing her mind. These books used to be SO freaking good, like favorite series good, but since book 8 or 9 they went downhill and this one seems to continue the downhill climb. Well, at least this review entertained me. I'm not even sure I want to read this book at all. Maybe for the monkey sex.

    1. Monkey sex was in the previous book. No need to read this one, trust me.

  10. Oh goodness, there are 12 books in the series already? I didn't know that! I

    I haven't been interested in reading the Sookie Stackhouse series although I've been hearing great things about it. Maybe I need to pick up the first book in the series one day. I'm sorry you didn't enjoy this book but I really liked your review, Maja! <3

  11. I knew this series was going to get even worse, I just about dealt with the last one, well I'm glad I didn't go out and buy a copy, I've reserved it at the library :)

    What annoys me is how she recaps everything from the previous books in so much detail, like last time I remember I was quite worried that I would have forgotten what had happened in the previous books but she does pages and pages of detail about it! "Sookie is a telepath" I don't know how many times I heard that one! Also Sookie describing her mundane chore all the time also gets to me! Also characters popping up for no reason, in the last book Alcide pops up but does absolutely nothing! Anyway rant over I'm glad I didn't set my hopes up too high with this one! Fab review! :)

  12. It is past time for this series to be wrapped up. It makes me so sad - Eric and Sookie were once one of my favorite fictional character pairings. And the dreams I used to have of Alcide? *Swoon* I won't be in any hurry to read this one, though I'd be lying if I said I would never read it. Your sweet potato pie recipe comment had me laughing out loud. Seriously. Thanks for the awesome and honest review, Maja! <3

  13. Okay, so I'm probably not going to read this book, pretty much because of all the things you just listed, but that was a very entertaining review! Especially the meaningless details part. So. Frigging. True. Lol

  14. This is a series people have been telling me to read but I can't get excited to start a series that goes on and on...this sounds like itnis getting stretched way thin. Maybe one day I will read them but I am over the whole vamp thing.
    Oh yeah going to tweet again. Have a lovely weekend, Maja :)

  15. I'll admit, I haven't read much of this series other than the very first book. And that one I liked! It was pretty entertaining and easy to enjoy. It's disappointing to hear this series loses steam after several books. Great review Maja. I'm glad you now have the recipe to sweet potato pie. There's always a silver lining, right? ;)

  16. Holy sweet wow! I can't believe this series is up to twelve books already -- I think that's one of the biggest series of books I've ever seen! x) But sometimes I find that the longer a series gets (like the Simpsons in a weird, non-book-related way LOL), it starts to wear thin and I'm sorry that that was the case with this one! Still, I know a lot of people who really loved the first few books like you did, so I think I still might give this a shot and stop after the eighth book or so :)

    Awesome honest review, Maja! And the monkey sex and icepacks?? LOL you seriously make my day sometimes! :') <3

  17. Best. Review. Ever. Loved it! Thanks for making me smile, especially when this book totally disappointed me :)

  18. Ahh, I promise I'll go back to this review when I've finished reading this book! Sounds like everyone is disappointed with this book. I'm now 1/3 of Deadlocked, and I keep feeling like my good(?)-sexy-brilliant Eric is slipping out of my fingers. :(

    I'm still amazed by how similar our taste in Urban Fantasy, Maja! x) This book is also one of the earliest introductions to my love to Urban Fantasy. ;)

  19. I finished reading this book yesterday. Eric appears very little in the book. Apart from this detail,I liked the book.
    I'm following your blog.
    Mariana - World of Tori Vega.

  20. "That’s why watching it bleed to death right in front of me hurts like hell"

    I totally agree! It's a travesty that I series I once considered so amazing has fallen from my pedestal like it has.

    I didn't read this review in detail, just skimmed it because I still couldn't resist getting the book when it came out. I now have it sitting on my shelves, but I can quite muster the excitement to read it. Will be back for your full thought once I get mine in order. LOL

  21. I stopped reading this series at book 4. I mean, it was nice and all, but there just wasn't enough plot or character investment to keep me hooked (insert acid dislike of Sookie here, please). There were funny moments, but when I want a quick laugh, I'll always pick Stephanie Plum and her "detective" storylines, any time of the day.

    If it was going downhill by the time we hit book 4, I can only imagine what happened to this poor series in book 12. Ouchie.

    I'd say, I hope the next book is not so disappointing, but... Well. I just hope the disased animal-like death is not too painful?

  22. I've read the whole series in the last 2 weeks (bit ill, but there are worse ways to pass your time than with Eric). My strongest reaction is that the slide was so fast I couldn't keep track. How did that happen? Maybe Sookie never really loved Eric. Poor Quinn, there was so much potential there. Why turn a tiger into some pathetic loser who follows someone he dated, like 3 times,around because he needs closure?
    Long live Pam! The only character I still love! (although I can't believe she would have listened to "No" over Miriam).


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