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Cold Kiss

Cold KissCold Kiss by Amy Garvey

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

4.5 stars

We were completely different. Danny was tall, sweet, graceful despite legs that went on forever. I was little, moody, uncoordinated. We didn't like the same music or the same movies. He put onions and mushrooms on his pizza and never wore socks and could sleep through a pipe bomb. I survived on bananas and yogurt and always wore hats and got carsick unless I chewed gum with my headphones on. It didn't matter. I loved him.

As soon as she entered puberty, strange things started happening around Wren: flying objects and exploding light bulbs became a regular occurrence. This wasn't completely unexpected: all the women in Wren's family can do the same, but for some reason, Wren's mother refuses to talk about it or teach her how to control it. So when Wren’s boyfriend Danny dies in a car accident, Wren decides to use her power and bring him back to her. Unfortunately, Danny that rises from the grave isn’t the same easygoing Danny they buried two weeks earlier. The new Danny, angry and confused, is not nearly as harmless as Wren thought he would be. Just keeping him hidden and compliant might prove to be too big a challenge for one seventeen-year-old girl.

I enjoyed the new take on zombies. Garvey wrote: My zombie, such as he is, isn’t George Romero’s, as you probably figured out. He’s closer to the kind of zombie you might create with Haitian vodou magic, a corpse reanimated and then controlled by a sorcerer. While zombies we’re used to reading about are usually scary in a grotesque way, Danny was creepy and deeply disturbing. Every time Wren kissed him or placed her head on his silent chest, I felt the coldness of his body on my own skin and I shuddered involuntarily. He really made my skin crawl. It was easy enough to forget that he was once a warm and loving boy and that none of it was his fault.

I never even realized how thoroughly I’d connected with Wren until I caught myself siding with her even when she was obviously wrong. I don’t think I even noticed the other (living) characters, not in their own merit at least. They meant to me what they meant to Wren, and if she suddenly changed her mind about one of them, I changed my mind together with her.

The funny thing is that Wren isn’t a character I’d normally like, but that’s where Garvey’s strength lies. Create a selfless, heroic character and everyone will be crazy about him/her under any circumstances, but write a girl who is self-indulgent and careless and make me care about her - and you'll have accomplished something not many authors can.

I think that’s what every emotional reader seeks – a character he/she can connect with entirely. But Cold Kiss is also thought-provoking and original, and Amy Garvey’s marvelous writing skills add more magic to this powerful, compelling and haunting story. I will not only read whatever she decides to write next, I’ll probably preorder it as well.

Favorite quote:

Love like that is what they make movies about. It's the thing you're supposed to want, the answer to every question, the song that you're supposed to sing. But love like that can be too big, too. It can be something you shouldn't be trusted to hold when you're the kind of person who drops the eggs and breaks the remote control.
Love doesn’t break easily, I found. But people do.


  1. I think we're even now, Maja. I just added this to my TBR! It's funny, I've seen this around plenty of times before but I had no idea is was based on zombies. I like zombies. :D Lovely review as always, Maja. :)

  2. Maja!! This is SO cool that you posted this review today -- I was just thinking about reading this book! x) I'm starting to have a zombie phase right now and the idea of turning her own dead boyfriend into a zombie gives me the shivers yet makes me really intrigued at the same time! And that's cool that Wren was an unexpected character that you liked!

    Amazing review, Maja! <3 Even if I wasn't out looking for a cool zombie book now, I think your review would still make me want to read this one! :)

  3. I really liked Cold Kiss. Great detailed review. I think that I have a linky on my review if you want to add a direct link to your review. I have them for most titles anyway.
    -FABR Steph@FiveAlarmBookReviews

  4. I read this with caution, knowing that you have a talent for making me go to a bookstore hours after your reviews (Anna Dressed in Blood, The Space Between ..) and just like I said in your IMM post, here we go again. I have wanted to read this for a while but now I SERIOUSLY want to read it.

    Feeling emotionally attached to characters who harbour characteristics you would probably hate in a real person is by far one of my favourite things about books. I felt like this with Something Borrowed -- loved how much I cared and sympathized with a character who was literally messing up her best friend's life (which is justified.. but you get my drift). So now, this one is on my wishlist lol.

    Great review, as always =).


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