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BittersweetBittersweet by Sarah Ockler

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

And the award for the lousiest friend of the year goes to...

Hudson Avery!

The story starts with Hudson being on the verge of becoming a figure-skating star. On the day of a very important competition, she discovers her parents are about to divorce and her whole life shatters into pieces like a beautiful ice sculpture.

Fast-forward 4 years. Hudson Avery is now 16 and, besides going to school, she works in her mom's diner, baking the most delicious cupcakes ever.

She's permanently hung her skates, but when the occasion arises for a spot in the limelight again, Avery starts to wonder if anonymity is really what she wants in life and what her dreams are really made of.

Bittersweet was for me a very cute, frustrating read - and I never thought I would use those two adjectives together.

Let's say it definitely lived up to the oxymoron it represents.

So let's categorize what I liked and what I didn't according to that:


As I mentioned in the beginning of this review, Avery is a very lousy friend.
She's probably worse than a back-stabbing one, because she's of the kind that walks away, cuts you out of her life without even telling you why, and you start wondering if you were even friends to begin with. Her behavior definitely clashed with her hilariousness - I loved her Parallel Hudson references - and I wondered more than once why did she have to push everybody away so much, especially the people that really cared about us.

Her mother is not much better in that sense, and she got on my nerves quite a bit. How can you expect your daughter's dreams to be the same as yours? I'm quite sure it's encoded in a mother's DNA the desire for her children to have a better life, not a mediocre one. How can she want her daughter to take over a diner?! Beats me.

The last bitter element of this book was the anti-climactic climax. I waited and waited for it to happen and when it came.... I didn't get it. No, scratch that, I wanted to whack Hudson on the head with a skate .


Now, I come from a country which is home to the most famous cuisine in the world. American restaurants here are called McDonald's (well... everywhere else too).
We do not have cupcakes. At all. Reading this book, I wished I could have jumped on a plane and gone to the States just to grab some like those described in here.
And Ockley, you definitely want to put pictures at the beginning of each chapter for these mouth-watering creations!

Anyway, the whole cupcake theme was extremely cute and fun (and by the way, WHY is there a cracker on the cover?! You tell me about cupcakes for the whole book and then you put a cracker on the cover?) and it gave a colorful and sensorial feel to the story - I swear I could almost smell them....

The romance is also really cute. Aside from the presence of my newly acquired favorite hottie icon, the hockey player.... what was I going to say? Yeah, there is no aside... HOT HOCKEY PLAYER!

Bittersweet is a light, humorous read that, in my opinion, manages to entertain without coming out as shallow. A good book to kick back and relax after a long day at work.Not to be read on an empty stomach.


  1. Now you have me craving cupcakes, I'll have to whip up a batch of vegan and gluten free cupcakes this afternoon!

    I have wanted to read this for so long, mostly because of the cute cover but now you have me wondering why there isn't a cupcake on the cover!

  2. I thought the cover was a sugar cookie? I love sugar cookies:) But if this book has a lot of cupcakes in it, that seems like a missed opportunity. *cue me looking at about 200 pictures of cupcakes on Pinterest* It drives me crazy when people are awful friends to each other in books but I'm definitely going to read this still. I kind of love books/movies/shows where teenagers work in diners that their parents own. Also, I really enjoy Sarah Ockler's writing. Love this, Lisa.

  3. OH! I've just got Bittersweet today!! I am so super excited about it :)

  4. I haven't read this book but I just had to comment: you don't have cupcakes over there?! Aww that's sad, I love cupcakes.

  5. Everyone else who read this book said that this book made them hungry too LOL! Awesome review, Lisa! I guess I really need to read this book, everyone seems to recommend this book! :)

  6. Awww poor baby, I'll make you cupcakes! I'll make tons of them with differently colored frosting. I'll even make you the red velvet ones. And I promise they'll be red and not blue. :D

  7. What? You don't have cupcakes? O.O

    I feel so torn now. My addition to cupcakes makes me think I should move to your country, but then again, would I really be able to part with cupcakes?

    Sooo, Hot Hockey Player and delicious cupcakes. Really, I don't think I could resist.

  8. Lisa...No cupcakes why is the world sl cruel? You must endeavor to bake yourself a batch immediately. I can send a recipe. My dear Lisa I hate that you think an American restaurant is Mcdonalds. I rarely eat there usually to take my kids is it. You must visit someday and see the real U.S.A. Ok enough babbling...I have been wanting to read this for awhile and again your review reminds me sooner than hockey players, cupcakes...I am not happy about some of the dislikes but I think cucakes can frost over the bad right?

  9. No cupcakes? I'm certain that goes against basic human rights. ;)

    Great review, Lisa! I guess you're another one who really enjoyed this book. I still haven't picked it up yet, can you believe? Must change that soon.

  10. I truly want to read this one and it keeps getting bumped around my wishlist..thanks for reminding me why it needs to move to the top..excellent review:)

  11. Great review, Lisa. looks bittsweet ^-^


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