Saturday, December 10, 2011

Maja's 2011 reading challenge!

2011 Reading Challenge

2011 Reading Challenge

Maja has

completed her goal of reading 300 books in 2011!


I completed my challenge!!! 300 books this year, wow. I won't lie to you guys, I'm very proud of myself. (I also think I’m a little crazy by now, but definitely in a good way.) It’s been such an amazing year, and I’ve actually read much more than those 300 books. I didn’t include most of the short stories I’ve read, although I’ve included some, and there are none of the books/series I’d reread during my periods of insomnia.

My initial plan was to write a long post in which I’d look back on my year, talk about all the books I’ve read and so on, but then I found out about the Faves of TwentyEleven book awards my friend Nomes will be hosting. It seems that both Lisa and I will be choosing our 2011 favorites in the second last week of December, following the schedule Nomes set on her wonderful blog, Inkcrush. To find out more, click on the image below.

I’m really looking forward to reading about my friends’ favorites. I have a feeling my to-be-read pile might explode after that week. And to think that there was once a time when I had no idea what to read next!

I also wanted to mention that I will be writing a guest post about my favorite 2011 releases for Donna's lovely blog, The Happy Booker later this month. Donna has been such an amazing friend to me personally, and to this blog from the very start. Sharing my picks with her followers is something I will greatly enjoy.

I wish you all a fabulous weekend!



  1. Congrats, Maja! Like I said on Goodreads, I don't think I can read 300 books in one year. I haven't counted how many I've read this year but it might be something like 150 or so. Just half of your number :P Nomes' book awards looks interesting, I should look into that.

  2. Oh, please do, I'd love to read about your favorites. And it's not limited to 2011 releases which makes it that much easier.
    And thanks! :)

  3. Wow! That's amazing Maja! Congrats on meeting/passing your reading goal. :D

  4. Congratulations on meeting the target! 300 books in a year is quite an accomplishment. Yay you! :)

  5. Huge Congrats, Maja!!! That really is amazing! I really wish I could read that many books in a year but I just don't read fast enough. I told my husband I'd read 60-some books so far this year and his first comment was, "hmm, that's about $600. Kind of expensive, huh?" Yep, it's something only us book geeks truly appreciate!!! :)

  6. Wow! Congrats for completing your goal. That was some accomplishment. I'm looking forward to checking out your Faves. :D

  7. Thank you all. :)

    Kristin, when the time comes to calculate how much money I spend on my books, I conveniently forget everything I know about math, which really isn't much to begin with. :D It's safer for that way.

  8. Wow, Maja, you're a machine ;)! Congrats on 300 books! I'm currently at 75 ...

    And I'm looking forward to seeing what your faves were this year. I will be participating in Nomes's awards as well!

  9. Maja you are a reading machine what is your secret? Oh wait you must not have two toddlers around! Love them to death but nap time and bedtime are the best time of the day... ahh reading!

  10. Yet another reason why you are so amazing Maja! Wow! 300 books in a year! Congratulations! I fell a bit short of my 100 books goal, but I'll make it in 2012! I'm looking forward to reading your "Faves of Twentyeleven" posts! That actually sounds fun and I might do it myself the last week of December!

    And of course your awesome guest post for my "Book Stars of 2011" will be up on December 19th! Yay!!

  11. oh ~ i am so glad you guys are joining in ~ and you'll have heaps to choose from with 300 books!

    i read a lot when i am struck with insomnia as well ~ i can read a book cover to cover in on go after getting in bed at night. hope you get some good sleep soon :)



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